Outreach and Education

The Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center is excited to offer prevention programs for children from pre-school to high school. We also offer training to adults at schools, agencies, day care centers and agencies about the Mandatory Reporting Law and signs and indicators of child abuse.

Our prevention specialist , Linda Clay is busy teaching "Personal Safety, It's My Body" to elementary age students all over Tucson. This program teaches children that their bodies are their own and no one has the right to hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable.

Elementary and Middle School students are working with Linda through our **"Too Good for Violence" **program which teaches conflict resolution, communication and teamwork. The program is designed to give students the skills needed to break the cycle of violence both in the school and home settings.

Through our partnership with the Joint Technical Education District, high school students are learning about the dangers of dating violence and date rape drugs. The information is presented in the form of a mock trial.

Here is a list of the available YOUTH PRESENTATIONS:
Personal Safety/ Happy Bear Play (Preschool to 3rd grade): Children learn to recognize, resist, and report abuse by identifying trusted adults, not keeping scary secrets, saying “NO”, identifying private parts, and learning about their personal safety zone.

Beeing-SAFE Presentation (For K-8th) For K-5 this presentation uses a bee to introduce kids to the basics of safety such as: reporting to a trusted adult, not opening the door to strangers and not telling strangers you are home alone. For 6-8th grade, includes basic safety information without the use of the bee.

** Break the Silence** (4th to 8th grade): In this multimedia presentation children learn the different types of abuse, recognizing the signs of abuse, predator awareness, and reporting to a trusted adult.

Too Good For Violence (Grades K-8th) includes 7-9 character building and violence prevention sessions. This is ideal for the classroom or after school setting and is a fun, age appropriate and interactive science based curriculum!

Sexual Assault Awareness Mock Trial (Intended for older teens) informs teens on ways to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations. This includes a mock trial and an explanation of the judicial process. Also information related to drug facilitated assaults is discussed.

Keeping Kids Safe Parent Meeting Introduction to child abuse prevention which includes an explanation of youth program services for parents of children participating in prevention Programming. Question and answer sessions following the presentation.

All programs are offered at no cost and need your support to continue. If you are interested in learning more about the Prevention Program for Children, please contact: Linda Clay, Prevention Specialist
Email: lclay@soazadvocacy.org
Phone: 520-243-6420 ext. 6162
Mail: The Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center
Attention: Linda Clay
2329 East Ajo Way
Tucson, Arizona 85713

Training on Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse: Marianne Martin, the Community Outreach Coordinator educates adult professionals in schools, childcare centers, clinics, churches, and other agencies to identify and report child abuse in accordance with Arizona law. The training includes a discussion of who is obligated to report abuse and neglect, how to get help from the authorities when it is required, and how to best assist the investigation of child abuse. The training also helps participants recognize the signs of abuse or neglect and practices that help protect children.

There is no charge for this educational service. If you would like more information about the mandated reporting training, please contact: Marianne Martin, Community Outreach Coordinator
Email: mmartin@soazadvocacy.org
Phone: 520-243-6420 ext. 6164
Mail: The Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center
Attention: Marianne Martin
2329 East Ajo Way
Tucson, Arizona 85713

We have many amazing donors that allow us to achieve our mission.
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