Executive Director
Kathy Rau - [email protected]
Staff Members
Harper, Karen , Clinical Program Director - [email protected]
Reid, Erin, Family Advocate Aide - [email protected]
DeJesus, Juan, Bilinqual Forensic Interviewer - [email protected]
Kerrigan, Diane, Forensic Nurse - [email protected]
Clay, Linda, Prevention Specialist - [email protected]
Garrick, Maria, Bilingual Advocate - [email protected]
Ott, Jan, Family Advocate - [email protected]
Rau, Morgan, Office Manager - [email protected]
Schlecht, Toni, Finance Specialist - [email protected]
Serrano, Francisca, Family Advocate - [email protected]
Martin, Marianne, Outreach Coordinator - [email protected]
Dr. Woolridge, Dale, Medical Director - [email protected]
Logan, Jan, Forensic Interviewer - [email protected]
Davis, Bill, IT Consultant - [email protected]

We have many amazing donors that allow us to achieve our mission.
Special thanks to:

Tohono O'odham - $15,000
Tucson Electric Power Company - $6,500
In n Out Burger - $10,000
Jewish Community Foundation - $5,000
Cox Cable - $6,000
Enterprise Holdings - $1,500
PICOR - $1,000